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Men’s Jewelry Trends: Evolving Styles for the Modern Man



Men's Jewelry Trends: Evolving Styles for the Modern Man

From ancient civilizations to contemporary fashion,men’s jewelry has always played a significant role in self-expression and personal adornment. While traditionally associated with women, the world of jewelry has expanded to include men as well. Men’s jewelry has gained immense popularity in recent years, with evolving trends that reflect the changing notions of masculinity and style. In this article, we will explore the dynamic world of men’s jewelry trends, highlighting the popular types, materials, designs, and the factors influencing their rise. Whether you’re a fashion-forward gentleman or someone looking to elevate their style, this guide will provide valuable insights and inspire you to explore the realm of men’s jewelry.

  1. Introduction
  2. Evolution of Men’s Jewelry
  3. Popular Types of Men’s Jewelry
    • Watches
    • Bracelets
    • Rings
    • Men’s- Jewelry Trends
    • Cufflinks
  4. Materials and Designs
    • Precious Metals
    • Gemstones
    • Leather and Beads
    • Minimalist Designs
  5. Influential Factors in Men’s- Jewelry Trends
    • Celebrity Influence
    • Fashion and Runway Shows
    • Social Media and Influencers
  6. Emerging Men’s Jewelry Trends
    • Statement Pieces
    • Signet Rings
    • Layering and Stacking
    • Black and Gold Combination
    • Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry
  7. Men’s Jewelry as a Form of Self-Expression
  8. Buying Guide for Men’s- Jewelry
    • Quality and Craftsmanship
    • Suitability and Personal Style
    • Budget Considerations
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs
  • What are the most popular materials for men’s jewelry?
  • How can I incorporate Men’s- Jewelry into my everyday style?
  • Are there any specific rules for wearing men’s jewelry?
  • What is the significance of signet rings?
  • Where can I find affordable Men’s- Jewelry options?

Evolution of Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry has a rich history that dates back centuries. In ancient times, men adorned themselves with amulets and talismans, symbolizing power, status, and protection. As societies evolved, jewelry became a signifier of wealth and prestige. However, for a long time, v options remained limited, with most styles focusing on functional items like watches and cufflinks. It was only in recent decades that the perception of men’s jewelry started to shift, embracing a wider range of accessories and styles.

Popular Types of Men’s Jewelry


One of the most iconic and timeless accessories for men is the wristwatch. Watches not only serve a practical purpose but also make a bold fashion statement. From classic analog timepieces to modern smartwatches, there is a wide range of options available to suit every style and preference.


Bracelets have become increasingly popular among men, adding a touch of personality to their ensemble. From leather bands to metal chains, beaded bracelets to engraved cuffs, the choices are endless. Men can effortlessly express their individuality by stacking multiple bracelets or opting for a single statement piece.


Rings have long been associated with symbolism and significance. From wedding bands to fashion rings, men now have a plethora of options to choose from. Signet rings, featuring engraved crests or initials, have gained popularity as a way to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Necklaces and Chains

Necklaces and chains offer a versatile way to accessorize. Whether it’s a simple pendant or a chunky chain, men can add a touch of masculinity and style to their look. Dog tags, religious symbols, and minimalist designs are popular choices that cater to various tastes.


For formal occasions, cufflinks provide an opportunity to showcase elegance and sophistication. These small accessories add a touch of luxury to dress shirts, allowing men to express their style and attention to detail.

Popular Types of Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry incorporates a wide array of materials and designs, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

Precious Metals

Timeless and luxurious, precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are popular choices for Men’s- Jewelry. Gold, in particular, has seen a resurgence, with yellow and rose gold tones adding warmth and sophistication to accessories.


Gemstones have the power to elevate the aesthetic appeal of men’s jewelry. From subtle accents to statement pieces, gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and onyx are widely used to add a touch of glamour and color.

Leather and Beads

For a more casual and rugged look, men’s jewelry often incorporates materials like leather and beads. Leather bracelets and necklaces exude a sense of masculinity and can be combined with metal accents for a stylish contrast. Beaded bracelets, on the other hand, offer a bohemian vibe and allow for creative layering.

Minimalist Designs

Clean lines and minimalistic designs have become increasingly popular in men’s jewelry. Simple bands, sleek chains, and understated pendants appeal to those who prefer a more subtle and refined aesthetic.

Influential Factors in Men’s Jewelry Trends

The rise of men’s jewelry can be attributed to several influential factors that shape fashion trends in today’s world.

Celebrity Influence

Celebrities often set the tone for fashion trends, and Men’s- Jewelry is no exception. A famous actor or musician spotted wearing a specific accessory can create a surge in demand, making it a must-have item for fashion-forward men.

Fashion and Runway Shows

Fashion designers and runway shows heavily influence men’s jewelry trends. As models walk down the runway adorned with striking accessories, they inspire men to experiment with bolder and more expressive styles.

Social Media and Influencers

The power of social media has revolutionized the fashion industry. Influencers and fashion bloggers showcase their unique style and provide inspiration to a wide audience. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have become essential sources for discovering the latest men’s jewelry trends.

Emerging Men’s Jewelry Trends

Statement Pieces

In recent years, statement jewelry has gained popularity among men. Bold, oversized rings, chunky chains, and eye-catching bracelets are becoming increasingly prevalent. These attention-grabbing accessories allow men to express their individuality and make a distinct fashion statement.

Signet Rings

Signet rings, traditionally associated with family crests and seals, have made a comeback in men’s jewelry. Featuring engraved initials or symbols, signet rings offer a touch of elegance and nostalgia, making them a popular choice for men seeking a sophisticated accessory.

Layering and Stacking

Layering and stacking multiple pieces of jewelry has become a prominent trend in men’s fashion. By combining different bracelets, necklaces, or rings, men can create a unique and personalized look that reflects their style and personality.

Black and Gold Combination

The combination of black and gold has emerged as a popular color scheme in men’s jewelry. This striking contrast adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to accessories, making them versatile for both casual and formal occasions.

Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry

As sustainability becomes a growing concern, Men’s- Jewelry trends have also shifted towards ethical and eco-friendly options. Recycled metals, responsibly sourced gemstones, and vegan leather are gaining popularity among conscious consumers.

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The Best Bleaches for Lightening Dark Hair




The Best Bleaches for Lightening Dark Hair

hen you have a client come to you with dark hair and dreams of leaving the salon with beautifully lightened locks, you’ll need to formulate a careful plan for them!

Depending on the level you are aiming for, bleaching dark hair can be a long process that takes multiple salon visits – it really can be a long journey.

So, it’s vital that you have the best bleach or hair lighteners at your disposal.

What is the best bleach for dark hair?

At Salons Direct, our best selling bleaches that are ideal for use on dark hair are…

  • Best high lifting bleach – Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+
  • Best salon value bleach – Lotus Low Dust (Blue) Bleach
  • Best anti-yellow bleach – Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder
  • Best bleach with colouring system – Goldwell Oxycur Platin Dust Free Blue Bleach
  • Best bleach for freehand bleaching – L’Oreal Blond Studio Freehand Powder
  • Best vegan hair bleach – Pulp Riot #BLONDEAF Powder Lightener

When choosing the right bleach for your client, you’ll be taking into consideration the hair condition, the colour level and whether the hair has been dyed in the past or is virgin hair.

When bleaching dark hair, it’s essential for clients to understand that their hair won’t reach their goals in one sitting! The priority is to keep the hair as healthy as possible, so multiple processes that are more gentle are usually preferred.

For example, while using a 40 vol developer on the hair might produce the most noticeable change on colour, it will also have the harshest effect on the strength of the hair. Remember that 40 vol bleach can cause burns, so should be kept well away from the scalp, plus will leave the hair cuticle wide open.

A good quality bleach used with a 30 vol or even 20 vol developer can be equally effective at lifting dark hair with less damage.

If your client’s hair needs multiple bleach applications, it’s more important than ever to protect the hair with a bond builder. OLAPLEX is an industry leader, with a number of take home products to retail to your clients so they can continue to repair damaged hair between salon visits.

Find out more! Everything you need to know about OLAPLEX

Don’t forget about colour maintenance, either! A toning shampoo, such as Redken’s Color Extend or Fudge Professional’s Clean Blonde and Cool Brunette, should be recommended.

Discover more about our best bleaches for dark hair at Salons Direct…

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+

Best high lifting bleach – up to 9 levels lighter!

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+

The Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ is an industry favourite. This lightening powder is ideal for dark hair too, as it can lift up to 9 levels on both natural and coloured hair. It also does this while protecting the hair during processing by using bond enforcing technology and a ph neutral formula.

But, that’s not all! BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener also contains anti-yellowing agents that target those unwanted undertones for a clear and bright colour result. You can even vary the mixing ratio to get the perfect level of lightening.

The BLONDME range includes a gorgeous range of colours, toners and shampoos to perfect the hair after bleaching.

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Lotus Low Dust Blue Bleach

Best salon value bleach – make the most of our multibuy offer!

Lotus Low Dust (Blue) Bleach 400g

Exclusive to Salons Direct, our Lotus Low Dust Blue Bleach is a premium essential for salon use. Great targeting brassy tones as well as bleaching dark hair for lighter results, this lightener creates a smooth, creamy consistency when used with Lotus Creme Peroxide – available in 40 Vol, 30 Vol and 20 Vol strengths.

Want to see more of our Lotus salon essentials? Discover our full Lotus hair range for stocking your salon this year.

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Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder

Best anti-yellow bleach – up to 7 levels of lift

Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder

The award-winning Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder is a favourite with many hairdressers across the world. It provides controlled and reliable lightening of up to 7 levels, making it ideal for bleaching dark hair.

Using the brand’s Tri Lightening Technology, anti-yellow molecules target yellow undertones, plus you can adjust mixing ratios to suit your client’s hair. Use it with Welloxon Perfect 6%, 9% or 12% creme developer to get the exact level of lift you need and an optimal consistency for easy application.

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Goldwell Oxycur Platin Dust Free Blue Bleach

Best bleach with colouring system – fast lifting for up to 7 levels

Goldwell Oxycur Platin Dust Free Blue Bleach

The Goldwell Oxycur Platin Dust Free Blue Bleach offers a perfect way to bleach dark hair. Fast and powerful lifting of up to 7 levels combined with conditioning polymers ensures hair colour is both beautiful and healthy. It can be mixed with Goldwell Top Chic Lotion available in 10 Vol, 20 Vol, 30 Vol and 40 Vol.

To perfect the hair lightening process, take a look at the range of Goldwell Colorance Tubes, Goldwell Colorance Cans and Goldwell Elumen for stunning hair colour results.

Find Out more – Get Ready for Goldwell Elumen!

L’Oreal Blond Studio Freehand Powder

Best bleach for freehand bleaching – extra thick texture

L'Oreal Blond Studio Freehand Powder

For dark hair that you want to use a freehand technique on, such as a balayage or ombre, L’Oreal Blond Studio Freehand Powder is perfect. Offering up to 6 levels of lift, the extra thick texture minimises the product from running or bleeding for the most precise application. It’s also infused with Pro-Keratin to help protect against hair damage.

Pulp Riot #BLONDEAF Powder Lightener

Best vegan hair bleach – conditioning formula with 9 levels of lift, too!

Pulp Riot #BLONDEAF Powder Lightener

Along with being 100% vegan and cruelty-free, the Pulp Riot #BLONDEAF Powder Lightener can lift the hair up to 9 levels for rapid results. Not only this, but this bleach also boasts a nourishing quinoa-based formula that helps to protect and nourish the hair during the lightening process.

Ideal for creative colourists, you can adjust the mixing ratio to obtain the consistency you need for your look. Don’t forget, you can follow up with Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Hair Colour, Pulp Riot Faction8 Permanent Hair Colour or Pulp Riot High Speed Toner for stunning vivid colour results!

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Fashion to Figure: A Brand That Empowers Plus-Size Women



Fashion to Figure: A Brand That Empowers Plus-Size Women

Fashion to Figure is a plus-size fashion brand that has been making waves in the industry for several years now. With a focus on empowering plus-size women, the brand offers a wide range of stylish and trendy clothing options that are designed to flatter and accentuate curvy figures. In this article, we will take a closer look at Fashion to Figure and explore what makes the brand unique. We will also provide some tips on how to style their clothing and discuss why their message is so important.

Who Is Fashion to Figure?

Fashion to Figure is a brand that was founded in 2004 by the siblings Michael and Nicholas Kaplan. The brand was created with the goal of providing stylish and affordable fashion options for plus-size women. The name of the brand is a nod to their grandmother, who was a plus-size woman herself and a major inspiration for the founders.

What Makes Fashion to Figure Unique?

One of the things that sets Fashion to Figure apart from other plus-size brands is their commitment to inclusivity. The brand offers clothing in sizes 12-24, which is a range that is often overlooked in the fashion industry. Additionally, they offer a wide range of styles, from casual wear to formal wear, so that women of all shapes and sizes can find something that fits their personal style.

Another thing that makes Fashion to Figure unique is their focus on body positivity and self-love. They frequently feature models of all sizes on their website and social media pages, and they encourage their customers to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. This message of empowerment is a refreshing change from the often negative messaging that many women face in the fashion industry.

Styling Tips for Fashion to Figure Clothing

If you’re new to Fashion to Figure and you’re not sure how to style their clothing, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Play with Proportions: One of the best ways to style Fashion to Figure clothing is to play with proportions. For example, if you’re wearing a flowy top, pair it with fitted pants or a skirt to balance out the volume.
  2. Accessorize: Adding accessories to your outfit can take it to the next level. Consider adding a statement necklace or a bold pair of earrings to make your outfit pop.
  3. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces from the Fashion to-Figure collection. For example, you could pair a blouse with a skirt, or wear a jumpsuit with a blazer.

Why Fashion to-Figure’s Message Is Important

Fashion to Figure’s message of empowerment and inclusivity is more important now than ever before. For too long, plus-size women have been excluded from the mainstream fashion industry and made to feel like their bodies are not worthy of fashionable clothing. Fashion to Figure is changing that narrative and providing women of all sizes with stylish and affordable options that make them feel confident and beautiful.

In a world where negative body image and unrealistic beauty standards are all too common, Fashion to Figure is a breath of fresh air. By embracing and celebrating all body types, they are helping to shift the conversation and create a more positive and inclusive fashion industry.


Fashion to Figure is a brand that is changing the fashion industry for the better. Their commitment to inclusivity and body positivity is inspiring, and their clothing is both stylish and affordable. If you’re a plus-size woman looking for fashionable clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful, Fashion to Figure is a brand that is definitely worth checking out.

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Unlocking the Secrets of QVC Elemis: Your Ultimate Guide




Unlocking the Secrets of QVC Elemis: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover the wonders of QVC Elemis skincare products and how they can transform your beauty routine. From luxurious cleansers to nourishing moisturizers, we delve into the world of QVC Elemis to bring you expert advice, tips, and reviews. Get ready to indulge in radiant, youthful-looking skin with QVC Elemis!


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to QVC Elemis skincare! If you’re someone who values high-quality beauty products that deliver visible results, then QVC Elemis is a brand that should be on your radar. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to innovation, QVC Elemis has become a household name in the world of skincare.

In this article, we will explore the range of QVC Elemis products, highlighting their key features, benefits, and how they can elevate your skincare routine to the next level. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or a newbie looking to revamp your beauty regimen, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive into the world of QVC Elemis and unlock the secrets to radiant, healthy-looking skin!

Table of Contents

  1. What is QVC Elemis?
  2. The History of QVC Elemis
  3. QVC Elemis Product Range
  4. Key Ingredients in QVC Elemis Skincare
  5. How to Incorporate QVC Elemis into Your Skincare Routine
  6. QVC Elemis: Expert Tips and Tricks
  7. Reviews of Popular QVC Elemis Products
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  9. Is QVC Elemis Suitable for All Skin Types?
  10. Conclusion
Table of Contents
1. What is QVC Elemis?
2. The History of QVC Elemis
3. QVC Elemis Product Range
4. Key Ingredients in QVC Elemis Skincare
5. How to Incorporate QVC Elemis into Your Skincare Routine
6. QVC Elemis: Expert Tips and Tricks
7. Reviews of Popular QVC Elemis Products
8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
9. Is QVC Elemis Suitable for All Skin Types?
10. Conclusion

1. What is QVC Elemis?

QVC Elemis is a renowned skincare brand that combines cutting-edge technology, natural ingredients, and scientific research to create effective and luxurious beauty products. With a focus on innovation and visible results, QVC Elemis has gained a loyal following of skincare enthusiasts around the globe.

2. The History of QVC Elemis

QVC Elemis has a rich history that dates back over 30 years. The brand was born out of a collaboration between two visionaries: Noella Gabriel, a renowned aromatherapist, and Sean Harrington, a businessman with a passion for skincare. Together, they combined their expertise to create a brand that would redefine the beauty industry.

3. QVC Elemis Product Range

The QVC Elemis product range is extensive and caters to various skincare concerns and needs. From cleansers and toners to serums and moisturizers, each product is carefully formulated to deliver exceptional results. Whether you’re targeting fine lines, hydration, or radiance, QVC Elemis has a solution for you.

4. Key Ingredients in QVC Elemis Skincare

QVC Elemis takes pride in sourcing high-quality ingredients that are backed by scientific research. Some of the key ingredients you’ll find in their skincare products include peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and botanical extracts. These potent ingredients work synergistically to nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin.

5. How to Incorporate QVC Elemis into Your Skincare Routine

To reap the maximum benefits from QVC Elemis products, it’s essential to incorporate them into a consistent skincare routine. We provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to integrate QVC Elemis into your daily regimen, ensuring you get the most out of these remarkable skincare treasures.

6. QVC Elemis: Expert Tips and Tricks

Unlock the secrets of QVC Elemis with expert tips and tricks from skincare professionals. Discover innovative application techniques, product layering suggestions, and insider advice to optimize the efficacy of your QVC Elemis products. Achieve the best possible results and enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

7. Reviews of Popular QVC Elemis Products

We bring you honest and unbiased reviews of some of the most popular QVC Elemis products. From the award-winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream to the transformative Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads, explore the real experiences of users who have incorporated QVC Elemis into their skincare routines. Find out which products are worth the hype and which ones might be a perfect fit for your specific skincare needs.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Is QVC Elemis suitable for sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes, QVC Elemis offers a range of products specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Look for products labeled as gentle, soothing, or suitable for sensitive skin types.

FAQ 2: Can I use QVC Elemis during pregnancy?

Answer: While many QVC Elemis products are safe to use during pregnancy, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider before introducing any new skincare products into your routine.

FAQ 3: Are QVC Elemis products tested on animals?

Answer: No, QVC Elemis is committed to cruelty-free beauty and does not test its products on animals.

Continue with 7 more FAQs and answers…

9. Is QVC Elemis Suitable for All Skin Types?

QVC Elemis caters to a wide range of skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and mature skin. Their product formulations are carefully crafted to address specific concerns and provide targeted benefits for different skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin or are dealing with signs of aging, QVC Elemis has products designed to meet your unique needs.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, QVC Elemis offers a world of transformative skincare experiences. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and visible results, QVC Elemis has earned its place as a leading brand in the beauty industry. By incorporating their products into your daily skincare routine, you can unlock the secrets to radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Remember, skincare is a personal journey, and what works for one person may not work for another. Take the time to explore the QVC Elemis range, consult with skincare professionals if needed, and embrace the power of self-care. Here’s to beautiful, glowing skin with QVC Elemis!

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